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Miriam Herschlag is a writer, editor and broadcaster based in Jerusalem. She is the Opinion and Blogs Editor for The Times of Israel, where she oversees the largest and most diverse platform of ideas about Israel and the Jewish world. Miriam is also co-host of "WhyWhyWhy!," a TLV1 podcast taped in the bars of Tel Aviv, where ordinary people share stories about Israel in front of a live audience. The show emerged as a lovechild of the venerable "Promised Podcast," where Miriam's wry observations on Israeli politics and society have delighted listeners for years. Raised in New Jersey, Miriam moved to Israel after earning a B.S. at Boston University. She began as a radio reporter at the Voice of Israel's English service and served as an anchor on Israeli television's first daily English news show during the 1991 Gulf War. Her interest in far-flung Jewish communities has taken her to Yemen, Hong Kong and Dubai.

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